Home in a Gated Community

Are you planning for a house in a gated community? There are a few things you should consider before you decide to move on.

Owners Association: You should know what to expect in your annual maintenance fee each year. All gated communities have cost incurred to it, paying the security force, maids to maintain the common areas etc. The numbers vary every time, in many cases, they go up.

Community: Expect some community events every year, from new year celebrations, holi, dussera, diwali etc. You'll also get to know your neighbors while you access common areas like pools, club houses etc.

Rules: Various rules and restrictions will be applied across the community. If you think to paint your house black and blue, have different pets or construct another room on the terrace, gated communities are not for you. One of the best features of gated community is the unique design with attractive exteriors. You'll benefit from these standards.

Let's look at some Pro's and Con's of living in a Gated Community


  • Security: All the gated communities have onsite security. Criminals won't be able to access your neighborhood, a quick call can bring assistance without waiting for cops. You will not be bothered by sales men.
  • Amenities: Most of the new projects have a great mix of world class amenities right from kids play areas, pool, indoor sports and a clubhouse.
  • Appearance: Gated communities have specific standards which makes the neighborhood have a unique look. This also makes the neighborhood clean and welcoming.


  • Restrictions: Some communities can hinder your personal style and preferences. Specific rules are implemented to access common areas like pools, clubhouse etc. You'd also have can do and can't do list in the community.
  • Home Styles: All the homes in the gated community will look similar. It's not the place where you find unusual homes.
  • Owners Association: Problems arise when people become too fond of power and try to control too many aspects of life.

A careful review of association agreement will give you a good idea of what you can expect when you live in a specific community.