Sell a House Without an Agent

It was quite difficult for a homeowner to sell his own house, it can be done. With right attitude, internet savvy and motivation, nearly any homeowner can turn their property into a successful home sale. Here a few steps that can be followed to a successful sale

Research: It's important for the owner to understand the ins-and-outs of real estate transactions. Since you've been through it at least once while buying your house, retrieve paper work and go through them. Gather the latest forms that you'll need for home sale closing. At the same time, line up people who will help you in the process including a lawyer.

Update your House: House issues can fall into three categories; cosmetic, functional and things you can't fix. The first two should be corrected before you to try to sell your house and the third should be addressed in the house pricing.
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Price your House: One common mistake owners make is pricing the house too high. Consider a fair market value, check out neighborhood sales from the last six months, look out for open listings with the same carpet area. Check historical trends of house pricing and appreciation in your suburb.

Market your House: One of the cheapest and effective way is to list your house on the internet. For a small fee, there are plenty of websites which can market your house. Also, spread the word on social networking sites.

Negotiate: While pricing your house, leave room for negotiation. Be prepared for the offer and the counteroffer on your home sale.

Close the Deal: Make sure you are familiar with the paperwork for a home sale in your city and state.

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