Space Saving Ideas at Home

Apartments can be in many shapes or sizes, the smaller the place, the more likely you could see some space saving ideas.Maybe your apartment isn't as big as you'd like it to be, and you want to have plenty of room for storage or seating. Living in a small apartment can be challenging when it comes to transforming it into a functional and practical living space.

Whether you want to make a small living space look bigger or expand the storage options in an apartment without sacrificing living space,you may be surprised by what a little change in decor or the right furnishings can do for you.

First, let's think about the visuals. A few general rules to keep in mind when you are furnishing and decorating a small living space are:

Mirrors: It's no big secret, well-placed mirror does wonders for a room, large or small. Mirrors give the illusion of having bigger space, and a pretty frame can add to the decor as well.

Furniture: Avoid bulky furniture, a light, modern sofa with clean lines will seat just as many people an overstuffed model, it just takes up less space from practical and visual standpoint. Also, consider dual purpose furniture.

Think Vertically: If you probably don't have much floor space. Choose tall, slim shelves and hand frames high on the wall to draw the eye upward.

Put those general principles to work around your apartment with these room specific tips


  • Consider cots with drawers underneath
  • Fix a large mirror over the dresser or on the wall.
  • Consider under the bed storage bins.

Kitchen / Dining Areas:

We don't believe large kitchens exist in apartments, except on the marketing handouts.
  • Invest in a small dining table, I've seen most people having dinner in the living room with the TV on..
  • Try out the kitchen / microwave carts
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Living Room:

  • Trick the eye with mirrors
  • Go for compact electronics and appliances. Try to wall mount your TV.
  • Avoid table lamps / fans
  • Avoid dark colored furniture as they tend to make the room smaller.
  • Look out for free floating shelves, they can hold books, figurines and pretty much anything else.
  • Be organized, make this your mantra, a place for everything and everything in its place. Clean rooms appear larger than messy ones.