Hosting a Party at Home

Throwing a party at home? Serving routine Beer & Biryani and listening to same music you did when you were a teen is a sure way to bore the guest and the host.

Hosting an unplanned party can make you feel stressed out. Few people actually enjoy hosting a home party more than attending other parties.

These tips for hosting a party will take some of the stress out of planning and will actually allow you to enjoy the party.

Shop for Supplies: Figure out how many guests are coming to your party so you know how much food or supplies you need to buy. If you've invited 10 then all you need is 10 cups. NO, get 15 unless you want to be cleaning dishes during the party.

Decorate: What's the first thing guests see when they arrive..? Decorating is more than just balloons and bright colored papers. Try a colored bulb to make the ambience more warm or cool, also try the candles on tables of entrance or the living room (party place), it looks beautiful and sets up the party mood. Move delicate decors to another room.

Food: If you're having a large party, don't overwhelm by trying to cook a new recipe. Stick to your signature dish so you won't be stressed out. Try to spend more time with your guests instead of the kitchen. If you are planning a party with close friends, it might be a good idea if each of your friends can get a different cooked dish along with them.

Wine, Beer and Spirits: Most guests will consume two drinks during the first hour and one drink during each following hour. When planning an event serving Wine, Beer and Spirits, the general thumb rule is that:
  • 50% will prefer Wine
  • 35% will prefer Beer
  • 15% will prefer mixed drinks

It can be difficult to plan different drinks for different people if you are not sure of their appetite for drinks. In such cases, it's good to host a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) event.

Location for Trash: We all know trash can be some where near the Kitchen, try having a small trash can near the party place. How many times have you been to party's and not sure where to throw trash..?

Activities: Whether it's game, food or music. Setup activities to keep guest engaged. This also helps break the ice in large groups and allows people to make new friends.

End of party.? Make sure you greet and personally thank each guest for coming. It does make a difference. Cheers..