Tips for Throwing an Apartment Warming Party

You did it! You finally found your new apartment after months of searching. Whether this is your first or tenth apartment, one thing remains the same: it's time to party!

There are numerous reasons for apartment warming parties. First and foremost, to show off your new nest! Invite friends and family to see how you just bought the apartment of your dreams and may be bounce some ideas off them as to how you fill those spaces. Secondly, you can get to know those living around you. If you plan to stay here for a while, it might be a good idea to invest some time in getting to know people around you. Your situation will be a whole lot better if you can greet your neighbors by name.

Here are a few tips for throwing an apartment party in a small space

Invitations: The first part of the party will be sending invitations out a week or two prior. No matter who you are inviting, it is important that you give good directions to your new place. Try planning a party on a weekend or a holiday.

Gather Friends: You may want to assemble a small team to pull off the party. If you plan on giving tours to your guests, be sure to gather a couple of friends to play hosts while you are engaging the guests.

Clean up: People will be snooping and there's never a second chance to make a first impression

Stock up: You may want to stock up supplies like paper towels, plates, utensils and plenty of trash bags. Also make sure that trash is in a convenient spot. How many time have you been to a party and had no idea where to throw it away ?

Set up the Bar: You'll want to provide your guests with some drinks for the gala affair, so make a list. Get cans or small bottles of beverages so unused portions can be shoved into a fridge instead of going waste. Avoid large bottles of beer or soda's.

Party-proof: Try to move out all the delicate breakable stuff like from your living room. Also try hiding the TV/DTH remotes and make sure you have some music playing.

Place for Bags: Have the guest to place their handbag's in a different room or a place to avoid them dropping it on the sofa's or dining tables.

Logistics: Be sure to have enough seating. It's not necessary to place chairs though out the living room, you can be creative to drop some mats or stools and pillows at the walls.

Food: Be sure to plan for the dietary needs of your guests as some may eat Veg. Make sure you don't have much cooking beforehand. Consider finger goods that are easier to make and rest can be ordered from a restaurant.

Music: Don't leave it till the last minute,put it on a half hour before guests arrive so that you get into the party spirit. Try instrumentals and avoid loud music to have people interact more.

There you are. This should either give you a good start or thoroughly confuse you. Either way, you should let me know how it goes.. Cheers.