Bathroom Planning Ideas

Planning to renovate or set up your bathroom at your new home? Here are some ideas that can help you plan.

The average size of bathrooms in new apartments or old homes have remained at their original 6"X8" foot size. Don't despair, You can increase the physical space with some of these ideas.

Purpose: If the bathroom is a place where you quickly want to brush your teeth, potty and a quick shower, the layout and materials will totally be different than if it is a place where you want spend a few hours with music. I guess for the most of cases, it will be a quick wash.

Colors: Stick with solid natural colors, they lend an airy, open feel and make the space look larger. Dark colors can make it look dull and shady.

Fixtures: Big items take up more space and look bulky. Look out for the latest space saving faucets and commodes, they look sleek and save space. Plus, newer models use less water, making them friendlier for the environment. At the same time, don't spend too much on these fixtures as most cities in India are supplied with salt water.

Corners: Small bathrooms need to make use of all available space, fix up storage units in the corner and they look unique.

Mirrors: No big secret, having mirrors make any room look larger. Try it…

Tiles: Bathroom tiles are a great way to jazz up even the dullest of bathroom interiors. When buying bathroom tiles, it's important to look for tiles with grips or anti skid finish. Try to stay away from dark textured tiles.

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