Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bedroom is the most private room at home. Though we are social, at the end of the day, we need our own space. It's one of the places where you want to feel most relaxed.
How you do your bedroom reflects your style and personality.

Here are a few ideas to help you decorate your bedroom:

Choosing the
right bed is one of the most significant decisions in furnishing. Depending on the size and style of your room, you'll need choose a large high or low bed. Having a printed bed spread can lift the decor of your room.

Wallpaper or
Paints in various patterns gives a room a unique personality. You could also add a decorative moulding for an updated look.

dark woods in the room can give your room an elegant, luxurious feel.

Lamps or Nightstands mounted to walls can smartly save space and make the room look elegant.

Choose a
Focal Point in the room and place a beautiful piece of furniture.

Pay Attention to the
Floor, place a good small piece of carpet or rug by the bed.

Mirror, a wardrobe with mirrored doors is a great two-in-one fixture without any extra space. It does make the room look larger.

Hang decorations right behind your bed to draw attention.

Avoid Television, for better sleep, conversations, sex, reading and much more. Do you need any more reasons to avoid TV in the bedroom..?

Go for a
small music system, a smart phone dock or a small FM radio, music makes a massive difference in relaxing than television.

Cots with
Extra Storage, go for below the bed storage, they save lots of space and they are cheap too..

Inverted Lighting, If you have a small bedroom, go for an inverted lighting from the ceiling, this helps create illumination in your room and avoids space on table reading lamps.

Windows, If you have large windows in your room, try draping them with transparent curtains that allows enough light in the room. Light makes the room feel spacious.

Add elements of
bamboo or wood, adding potted plants also goes far in creating a wonderful natural atmosphere.

Make it Personal! Set up warm lighting, a good smart phone dock for some music.

Create space on both sides of the bed so each person has good access getting on and out.

I hope these ideas may be of some help, don't forget that you spend one third of your life in a bedroom..

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