Kids Room Ideas

Kids Bedroom, I wouldn't call it a bedroom, as, it is often their playroom, homework space and their bedroom.

It is a tricky task to decorate a Kids Room as their tastes change as they grow, so the more you try to be flexible for future changes, the more basic stuff you find in the room like furniture or colors.

Before we move on to decorating ideas, here are some DONT's;
  • Don't select your preferred colors in the room.
  • Don't have your selected pictures or art in the room.

Here are some ideas on decorating kids rooms;

Involve Kids: It's your kids room, involve them in the creation and design of their own space. Let them make some decisions as to what goes on the shelf, wall or the choices of colors. Most kids will know their fav color or animal or any cartoon character, use this to create a theme for the room. Also, remember that kids choices can change drastically in very short time, so, decor up with removable stickers or objects from the wall.

Zone Out: However big or small the room is, split the room into dedicated zones for play, study and sleep. This can result in having uncluttered rooms and make the kids more organized.

Board: A black or a plain metal board can be very handy in keeping children busy. I would recommend a thin metal surface on the wall to stick all magnetic alphabets or characters.

Artwork: A child's room is the perfect place to display artwork created by children. Another inexpensive solution for children's rooms is to cut artwork from story books, frame them with creative groupings.

Photos: Decorate with photos of your child's most fond memories. Family pictures of vacations or photos of your child on a day of achievement can add personal touch to the room.

Furniture: This will probably be the most expensive decor in the room. Safety and Quality should be your focus on selecting cots, tables and shelves. Look out for sleek and smooth finishes in the furniture. Avoid furniture with removable parts, wheels and sharp edges.

Colors: Always choose a light shade in at least one of the walls, it reflects light and brightens the room. Only dark colors can make the room look dull. Use colorful curtains.

Ceiling: Get creative, thats one of the unused space in the room. Turn it on into a magical night sky with glow in the dark decorations. These can be fun and comforting for your child while they goto bed.

Education: Don't forget to have some educational charts, boards or toys that add to their learning.

Storage: Adjustable shelves can accommodate big picture books for small kids, fix a two or multi level tier system of rails with baskets to hold toys or any kind of stationery.