Kitchen Decor Ideas

Often, People planning on kitchen decor are so focussed on getting exactly what they want and ignore a few logical and simple things. A typical problem is that, people want extra large refrigerators or appliances just because they are expensive and a symbol of status.

If you are in the process of designing or remodeling a kitchen your home, here are some ideas that can help you in the process.

Think Vertical: Kitchens are often small or mid size, Vertical lines can make a small room look larger. Look for cabinets or furniture that reach your ceiling. And note that a small stool, suitable for either sitting or climbing upon, is included among the equipment stowed in that vertical corner cabinet. This gives maximum storage and flexibility to store more.

Lighting: Allow good light into your kitchen. If you have a window, don't try to block it with an exhaust. Good lighting makes any room look larger. Consider having light colors on the walls which reflect more light than dark ones. If you have wall fixed cabinets, install lights under the cabinet to have more light on the kitchen counter.

Appliances: Try to integrate appliances to the kitchen decor. Look out for compact multipurpose sleek appliances, they save space, energy and look beautiful.

Countertops: A counter is one of the most used items in any kitchen. Try going for a granite countertop as they are scratch and heat resistant without any protection. They are a little expensive but it is worth considering this option. Wood countertops are popular but they may not hold good for Indian market for the colors of spices we use to cook.

Glass: Consider having glass on most of the cabinet doors. Glass or mirrors can visually expand the space make the room look good and larger. It also gives you a quick snapshot of contents in each cabinet.

Focal Point: The focal point of the kitchen is the floor, opt for tiles that go well with your color of the counter and cabinets.

Colors: Go wild, the color of appliances, counter, cabinets and even the napkins can change the atmosphere of the Kitchen. Light colors or pastels, with a nice mix of white, reflect light and make the room look big.

If you are constructing your own house, it would be wise to think of the kitchen layout. I guess this is taken care these days as the building architects design them with care.

© images from 77Hudson