Living Room - Decor

The Living Room gives the first impression for the whole house design. It plays an important role as a creator of moods and impressions in the house, It is also the most popular place in a house where the family come together, relax and spend time with lot of activity. This is one of the primary reasons on why it is important that this area is decorated to have a good atmosphere.

Spending huge amount of money on the living room doesn't mean it will look great. I've seen homes with small living rooms and bulky, premium Italian leather sofas which eats up the space and make the room dark.

One thing to remember when planning your living room is that the family will have to be comfortable.

Here are a few ideas that can help you in designing a beautiful living room:

Colors: The colors of walls or furniture you choose for the living room will affect how people feel in the space. Colors can give vitality or ease up the space, depending on how warm or cool they are. If you prefer to change colors with trends, they best way forward is wallpapers, they are attractive, cheap and can be replaced anytime with new concepts.

Furniture: When creating a family style living room, comfortable seating should be on of the top considerations when choosing them. Furniture selection and arrangement can be a challenge. Choose furniture that fits the space, don't try to squeeze too much in. Choose your larger pieces, like your sofa first, then mix it up with smaller pieces with different styles. Avoid dark colors and bulky looking sofas as they will feel huge in the room.

Walls: Hanging or mounting are more ways to decorate walls than just wallpapers or paint. Look for a focal point, a focal point anchors the living room and helps you draw into the space. Try the wall hanging wooden blocks to play your souvenirs, they not only decorate the wall but also make the souvenirs look beautiful. Get a designer wall clock or make a large collage of your family photographs on the wall, photos can be changed often.

Media Center: Whether you have the latest or the old model TV set, incorporate it in the room design so that its not dominant and just a feature. Build in a console to hold your set top box, DVD player, game consoles or your HT receiver. This also helps in hiding all the wire clutter and gives a spacious feel.

Lighting: Living rooms can be used for watching television, entertainment or hosting parties. Having appropriate lighting in the living room is very important that not only looks great but also accommodate other events in there. One of the concept missing or largely not in India is light dimmers. Add a dimmer switch in every room, it not only saves money but also get rid of plastiky socket lights which are used as bed lamps. Dimmers are not expensive but they make a huge difference to the room as they totally change the mood of the room. Try to avoid table lights in living rooms, they eat up space and they are just important for task lighting. Check out a few wall sconces, they look amazing when placed either side of the mirror, note, wall sconces are not primary source of light, they are just decorative. Ideally go for different types of lighting to provide a right mix for all occasions.

Mirror Magic: It's not a big secret, mirrors create the illusion of space. So, why not brighten your small space by adding one of these glassy pieces. It visually makes your room bigger. If you have an open space, try going for a floor to ceiling mirror, it opens up the space by reflecting the room.

Tables: Living room tables are a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home. Most living room tables have specific uses, while others can be quite versatile in applications. Try going for clear glass tables, they open up space and the room will appear larger because you can see straight through the wall or floor, they don't look actually like a solid object with dark colors.

Shelves: Consider having a small on the wall shelf with under counter lighting. It's nice to place your collections of books, movies or games.

Space: "Breathing" space between objects in the living room is more visually appealing. Don't try to cramp the furniture or tables too closely.

Easier said than done, I know! but these tips and ideas can make your living room more beautiful.

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