Safe Apartment Living

Just because the new apartment complex you've moved in seems safe, doesn't mean you shouldn't follow safety precautions. Here are some other easy ways to make you, your apartment and your belongings much safer.

Don't let them in: Never use your intercom to let a stranger into the building, including people who say " parcel delivery" or "paper boy" unless you know them personally, do not let them in. Instruct all service or delivery people to contact the delivery manager. Make sure your visitors and children know these rules, too.

Never hold the outer door open for strangers when you come in or go out. Tell them to buzz the person they are visiting or resident manager.


  • Let a neighbor friend know when you are going out of town. Also, inform the resident manager.He'll watch out for you when you're gone.
  • Lock your windows and other apartment doors before you leave.
  • Most apartments have peephole viewers installed on the main door. if not, get one installed soon.
  • When away from home, use timers for radios and leave at least one light switched on.
  • Lock your car door. Even if you're running to grab your mobile phone, you need to have your car secure. Do you recall the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds" ?
  • Draw curtains or close blinds after dark.
  • Have your local S.I (Police) number handy, you can find their at any of the ATM's nearby your residence.
  • Pick your newspapers and packages on a daily basis, if you plan to travel, keep your service guys informed.
  • Have your keys as you approach your door.
  • Have a pet, thieves hate pets, especially dogs. Dogs, birds and even some cats can raise a very loud ruckus if a stranger enters your apartment.

  • Write your full name on your mailbox
  • Have your apartment and car key in the same ring
  • Have your identification or address on any of your key rings.
  • Give your personal information, including bank account numbers, mobile number. Banks don't need your password to access your account.

Child Safety: Kids are curious. They like to put things in their mouth and love to stick their hands in open spaces. They love to climb and not scared of heights. I guess many of you have read the news about kids falling off high rise buildings in Bangalore (J.P. Nagar).

Here are a few tricks that can help you prevent an accident.

  • Make sure you keep chords out of sight and close the electrical sockets with socket covers.
  • Keep the kids away from kitchen by either closing the doors or keeping them engaged with other activities. They love to turn on the gas knobs and play with other appliances which blow all kinds of whistles.
  • Make kids understand the difference between neighbors and strangers. Always make a point to introduce your kids to friends and neighbors.
  • Try to lock the drawers or cupboards, kids can find cleaning acids or liquid medications which can be very harmful for children.
  • Lock the patio or balcony sliders, kids love to climb on grills or drag pots on themselves.
  • Keep kids away from TV sets, if you own a flat TV, make a point to walmount it.
  • Keep your bathroom doors closed all the time.
  • Child proof your glass wall tables and other glass furniture in your apartment. You get plenty of options to cover sharp objects of the furniture.